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I perform Home Energy Audits, ACCA based Manual J/D Load Calculations and Contractor Training. I am a third-party, independent consultant. By following my recommendations I can assist you in lowering your utility bills by increasing the energy and water efficiency of your home. Amazingly enough this will make your home a more comfortable place to live in as well. I am also available for Green Living consulting. I have the expertise you need for the savings you want.

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  Thorough Diagnoses
Judy Rachel uses state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate your home from top to bottom. Based on her thorough inspection she will recommend comprehensive, improvements that will yield the best results for you and your family. Once you select the improvements that fit your needs and budget, Judy, will help you get the job done. She can provide you with a list of qualified contractors, be available as a consultant and perform a final test out on all improvements to hold your chosen contractor accountable for the quality of their work.


Have your home assessed for recommendations on how to:

    • Make your home more Comfortable
    • Increase your home's Energy Efficiency
    • Improve your home's Indoor Air Quality
    • Improve your home's Insulation Quality
    • Improve your Heating / Air Conditioning / Ventilation Systems
Untested, unimproved home leaking $$$$
Test Don't Guess
Let me test, let's not guess, at how your house is performing or at what you need to do to improve its performance. I employ a comprehensive, whole house approach based on building science to test your home. I analyze the data collected during the testing and diagnosis to assess your home's actual performance. I explain and describe my findings in a detailed report, prepared just for you, based on your home's unique test results. Within this report I prescribe solutions specifically tailored to your home's needs. I perform tests using the Blower Door, to measure the leakiness of your home, a Duct Blaster to determine and quantify the amount of air leakage through your duct system, I may use an infrared camera to help in my evaluation, do a Combustion Analysis to examine combustion appliances for safety and efficiency, a Utility Bill Disaggregation to distinguish your baseline energy use from your heating and cooling use, the list goes on depending upon what we want to find out about your home.
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